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Covington Christian Missions

Local Missions

From cleaning up in the park or helping paint a house, we schedule service opportunities throughout the year for our church community. 

This is a perfect opportunity for you to involve your entire family in.

We make sure that there are always age appropriate tasks to do so that everyone can join the fun! 


For more information about local needs in our community, email Judy HERE

Global Missions

At least once a year, we schedule a week long mission opportunity 

for Covington Christian. This is a set aside time for us to get away from the day to day schedule of life and really invest in a community. 

While it is our desire to be a natural and spiritual blessing to others,

We come away from these experiences having been blessed ourselves.

We also give financially to a couple of families on the mission field.

For more information about how you can get involved in global missions, email Judy HERE

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Supported Missions

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