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Give to Covington Christian

We believe giving is about our hearts, not our dollars. That's why we never twist arms, tell sob stories, or pressure people to give. We believe God is more than able to fund His ministry, especially when His people are obedient and generous. If you're ready to move God's mission forward with your dollars, there are two ways to give at Covington Christian:


1.  During Worship Services with cash or check, or use the boxes located in the back of the sanctuary and welcome       center.

2.  Schedule a recurring payment with your bank through your online bill pay

3.  Use the mobile app Church Center.  The app is free and easy to set up.  Just search for Covington Christian             Church or use the location services option to search churches near you and follow the easy instructions.  

4.  Click on the Give Now option below.  A new window will open for our Church Center giving account.  

5.  Feel free to mail your donation to the church at 115 N Pearl St. Covington, Ohio 45318. 


  You can also give to Covington Christian Church through Kroger Community Rewards

and AmazonSmile.  It's quick and simple to sign up for both.  Sign in to your Kroger Plus account.  Under your account click on Community   Rewards.  Then pick or change your organization to Covington Christian Church (Organization #   KU691.  This does not affect your fuel points in any way.  You are just earning the church a little   extra by shopping at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Card.

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