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Check back often as we continue to update our Prayer Requests and our Answered Prayers.

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Special Prayer Requests

Heading 1

Prayers for a wife with hyperthyroidism and problems with her eyes and throat.

Prayers for a business that suffered in 2022.

Prayers for a brother who walked away from hi faith and is lost in the world view.

Prayers for a husband to have the mental strength to hold everything together.

Prayers for Logan to get well.

Prayers for Ben who was just diagnosed with stage 3 rectum cancer.

Prayers for Joanie adjusting to her new life.

Prayers for revival in homes, community and church to seek God in everything they do.

Prayers to life up the leaders fo our government to lead us according to God's will for our country.

Prayers for uncle Dick as he battles stomach cancer.

Prayers for a wife suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression.  Prayers for their marriage.

Prayers for a son battling mental health issues, anxiety and depression.

Prayers for a son that he gives his heart to Jesus Christ.

Prayers for our church to know the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Prayers for our Pastor and his family.

Prayers for family.

Prayers for the community.

Prayers for Paula & John Montgomery.  For healing and strength.

Prayers for the Earth

Prayers for the strength to fight the evils of this world.

Prayers for the children.

Prayers for a son struggling with mental health. For him to find the strength to help himself and remember he is loved by God.

Prayers for Zach to find salvation and radical life changes.

Prayers for a Wayne as he has surgery, Prayers for recovery, strength for doctors and family.

Prayers for a 70 year old brother who does not know Jesus.  Prayers that his sister can be a good witness to him.  

Prayers for a 94 year old uncle  who has had pneumonia and water around his heart.  He's hoping for one more trip to Florida.

Prayers for Troy a nephew being deployed to Latvia and could face conflict from the Russian war.  Prayers for his safety and for other soldiers.

Prayers to know what happened in life was with a purpose and that in time they can find peace with that and know it was part of a bigger plan.

Prayers for a member of the church who is in much pain from knee problems and does not want surgery.

Prayers for Ethan Kendig struggling with very bad health issues and finding no help from doctors.  Prayers for the family and they also struggle.

Prayers for Susan battling health issues.

Prayers for a family struggling with fertility issues.  Prayers for guidance and answers as their faith is tested. 

Prayers for a family with extreme health issues.

Prayers for a family in their journey with Christ as they are all at a different place.

Prayers for an aunt that had a fall and continues to have trouble getting back to normal.

Prayers for a grandma to let the stress and pain go from her body.

Prayers for  a member of the church to find how they can be used to serve.  Prayers for health and family to come closer to Jesus.

Prayers for a mother having surgery.  

Prayers for a member representing Head Start in DC.  Prayers for Courage, Wisdom and ears to listen. Pray God's will be done.

Prayers for a great grandma.

Prayers for a sister that she finds the strength to become whole again and her son who has to be away from her during this time.

Prayers for all college students as they go through their schooling and give them strength all the way through.

Prayers for a dad that is away that he remains safe.

Prayers for a man in Florida that he finds a doctor there for infusions and doesn't have to travel back to Ohio each month.

Prayers for a family's children in missions, that God will continue to bless them.

Prayers for a dad in the Army.

Prayers for Paula.

Prayers for a man who was involved in a serious accident with a semi.   His recovery will be lengthily.

Prayers for family with new baby.

Prayers for Ryan in Chicago that he finds a new job and direction for him and his family.  

Prayers for a grandma in the hospital after two heart attacks.

Prayers for Bennett as he travels by car to California.  Prayers he learns about film and networks.  Prayers for safe return home when time comes.

Prayers for Emery to get better and come home soon. 

Prayers for Brian, Jeannett, Lucy and Colten all fighting cancer.  

Prayers for Megan's surgery.

Prayers for a father who hurt his leg and his family.

Prayers for a deeper understanding and desire for more prayer and fasting.

Prayers for Bryant and Alicia as they get married and protect them on their honeymoon.

Prayers for pappaw Dave to get better.

Prayers for Ryan and his team being deployed to Quatar.  Prayers for their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

Prayers for Linda that her health takes a turn for the better.  

Prayers for a woman with addiction issues.  Prayers she finds God and the help needed.

Prayers for a friend going through a divorce.  Prayers for him and his family.

Prayers for Jeanne and Larry and their health.

Prayers for a friend and her young son who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Prayers for Alicia recently diagnosed with cancer & starting treatments.

Prayers for Aaron as he has surgery and his wife battling her own health issues. 

Prayers for an individual who is battling depression and PTSD brought on by childhood trauma.  For their children who also battle depression. A son who battles addition.

Prayers for a young adult in school.   Prayers they find a better people in their life and know they have people to talk to when times are hard.

Prayers for a husband's mental health.  Help him see he is good and everything will be ok, to find peace of mind and joy in life.

Prayers for cousin Amy and her fight with alcoholism.

Prayers for Steve and Sherry.  Steve's severe arthritis, Sherry his caregiver who recently fell.  Both are now in a home.  Prayers for healing & relief.

Prayers for our children.  They're fighting a evil in our world.  Pray they will not look or listen to that evil but keep their minds & hearts point to God.

Prayers for Greg & Dottie sick with new COVID strain. Prayers for healing.

Prayers for Brittney who has many health issues that never seem to stop.  Pray for answers, healing and peace.  Prayers for her husband by her side.

Prayers for family visiting from London.  That their plans work out and they are able to do what is needed while here.

Prayers for an individual struggling to know their purpose.  Pray for strength, patience and understanding to receive God's direction.  

Prayers for Karen as she waits to hear back from test results for cancer.  She lost her husband two years ago to COVID.

Prayers for the family of Ward as they try to manage their lives since his death.  His daughters, sister and parents.

Prayers for Joel and Kathy.

Prayers for our team of people that desire to see a youth ministry here.   Prayers finding the right bus for transportation.  Prayers for the youth. 

Prayers for Amanda and her health issues from long COVID illness.  For peace and strength.  

Prayers for a family's children as they go through tough situations in life.  That they know God loves them so much and has a purpose for them.

Prayers for a mother with Parkinson's and her husband as he cares for her. 

Prayers for Gina and her journey with an auto immune disease and cancer.

Prayers for friends who are battling with illness of the mind. Prayers for peace and joy through this trial.

Prayers for a friend struggling in life.

Prayers for an individual in their relationship with Jesus and as they teach their granddaughter about Jesus.

Prayers for Calen who unexpectedly lost her significant other and her son who lost his father.

Prayer for a son that he does not feel alone and in God's time he'll find someone to spend the rest of his life with.

Prayers for Ashely and Stephen.

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