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Special Prayer Requests

  • Let us pray for everyone effected by COVID

  • Asking Go to help dedicating myself to His undivided attention for this period of time.

  • Tornado victims

  • Amanda dealing with POTS from after effect of COVID.

  • My kids to make God real in their lives.

  • Praying for a father and daughter dealing with mental health issues in life.  That God would have victory.

  • Parents: Tammie has Parkinson's.  Kevin cares for her. 

  • A family member trying to overcome an addiction.

  • For the Bell's mission in South Africa, that a visa will be granted.

  • Debbie-recovery from cancer.

  • Dick-recover from illness.

  • praying for more snow and my mother to feel better.

  • for Colten & Gentry to fight cancer

  • For Eve to drive to school safely

  • For everyone to stay safe with the icy roads

  • Lisa -enlarge spleen/testing

  • Peter-salvation/discipleship

  • Trey & Chelsea

  • Heather-Heart Condition

  • Jason -battling effects of COVID-19 virus

  • Jim - battling effects of COVID-19 virus

  • Prayers for the corporate workers/healthcare workers and all who labor.  Those of us tirelessly working through this mess.  Those of us who are persecuted and scoffed at for our medical freedom of choice.  For those who did make the choice to get vaccinated they are tirelessly working through this mess as well.  

  • Pastor Stephen Marcum from Alcony Grace Church Troy- had heart condition and could not survive COVID pneumonia. 

  • Praying for our finances.  An increased income in needed.

  • Praying for a father who fell down the steps and is hospitalized, but slowly recovering.

  • For a brother whos an atheist and very angry about christian religion

  • For a friend who is agnostic and trying to believe.

  • Praying for wisdom and guidance with a situation with a baby.  We ask that His will be done.  Praying for the parents who struggle with addiction.  Praying for grace and mercy upon the grandparents.

  • Praying for a sister who tested positive for COVID

  • Praying for a sister who has a colonoscopy planned due to issues.

  • Thanking God for leading a family to a loving church.

  • Praying for help to lead the village to do good things.

  • Family praying for peace, understanding and hope while dealing with fertility issues.

  • Praying for complete healing from the effects of COVID, would love to be a part of the worship team again.

  • Praying for an opening for parents to get into an assisted living home.

  • Praying for Larry for God to heal him.  Praying for Jeanne to give her strength to get through this with him.

  • Praying for Nate & Lauren & Family on their missionary work.

  • For the 4 people in North Dakota who came in the US aid in search of freedom and a better life. Pray for peace in their souls.

  • Pray for Christine's continued recovery from her surgery.  Gods miracle in her life.

  • Praying for a co-workers 1 year old son who has heart issues and is now fighting COVID.

  • Praying for Mark & his family as they suffer his loss.

  • Praying for Belinda as she mourns the loss of her grandmother.

  • Praying for our nation that it may return to be a nation under God.

  • Praying for a grandma and grandpa to get better.

  • That Zeke can change programs at school.

  • Healing for two special ladies who have health issues struggling with lime disease as well as other issues.  Praying for healing of their bodies and souls.

  • Praying property owner who owns property adjacent to a church would think of the church when he diposes of the properties.

  • Praying for Julie and her children at loss of her husband.  Let us be the reflection of Your light.

  • Praying for a sister, Kate, who has health issues that make life challenging.

  • Praying for a friend as she struggles with her sons recent death.

  • Praying for an assignment in Christ that I may hear, trust and follow him.  

  • Praying for a mom to feel better.

  • Thanking God for the warm house to live in.

  • Prays for the families at CCC.  For older men and women to train the younger ones in your TRUTH.

  • Prays for those struggling in infertility.

  • Prayers for healing mental health issues within family.

  • Prayers for a new beginning.  To have patience and understanding.

  • Praying for the unity of God's church.

  • Impact of Gods kingdom in our community.

  • Praying for a church bus to be provided to help with kids youth ministry.

  • Praying for the Missions Team as they make decision for this years missions in our church, in our town and beyond.

  • Praying for help in giving of myself where i need to give help.  A main purpose. 

  • Praying for the patience and understanding to deal with a grandmothers loss of mental capacity.

  • Praying for a grandpa with COVID

  • Praying for Joe who just found a tumor in his kidney.

  • Praying for Brian going through a difficult time.

  • Praying for a brother that God will pull him closer to Him to seek and know Gods purpose for his life.

  • I pray that Tim will seek the Lord and grow in his faith.

  • Pray for Jerry as she seeks Gods direction for her career.

  • Praying for a friend with alcohol additions.  Just received DUI which could result in prison time.  Asking for wisdom, grace and mercy to be a friend. 

  • Praying for our pastor and his family so that we may be an encouragement to them.

  • Praying for the leadership of CCC.  May the Lord cast wisdom and truth that will help build a strong foundation so that CCC can become a beacon of your light and grace and love.

  • Praying for our youth as they make new paths.  Praying God gives them the tools they need and help us to be positive role models.

  • Praying for Ryan and his fellow airmen's safety as they serve our country.

  • Praying for Katie and Ryan as they struggle through young adulthood and big decisions.  Pray they rely on the Lord and trust God with those big decisions.

  • For our son Ward with gallbladder issues.  For diagnosis, possible surgery and speedy healing.

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